How to Make Cheap Fog Machine Juice

A fog machine is one that creates a dense vapour to imitate fog and a form of smoke which is used in various occasions such as dance parties and other functions of that sort. It can also be used during Halloween to create a scarier look in and around the venue for trick-or-treaters.

Individuals who have purchased a fog machine have one issue with it, and that is the need to refill it with fog machine juice, which basically creates that dense fog. Luckily, instead of having to go out and buy expensive refills, making them yourself is quite easy.


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    Distilled Water

    Distilled water is the most important part of any fog machine juice. It has to be distilled because ordinary water will clog the fog machine due to the mineral deposits present in its combination. Distilled water can be made by you if you know the proper techniques on how to make it, otherwise, it is not very expensive and can be found anywhere at normal grocery stores. This type of water is also used for all sorts of batteries like the very one found in your car.

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    The great thing about the next ingredient for cheap fog machine juice that you can make in your home, glycerine, is that it is safe to mix at home. This chemical can be easily found in most drug stores and in order to make an effective fog machine juice, it needs to be pure and not sorbitol based. The thing about glycerine based fog machine juice is that it creates a more hazy fog, suitable for Halloween and not really that much for the one required in night clubs.

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    Mix Water and Glycerine

    Choosing a proper mixture of the two ingredients that you now have on hand is crucial to creating good fog machine juice. Depending on what kind of thickness you are looking for, adding glycerine on that basis will allow you to make a light haze, medium and thicker haze.

    You need to do this by pouring the desired amount and distilled water into a plastic container. Make sure that the container is cleaned out and does not contain any other mixture, which will ultimately ruin your cheap fog machine juice. After putting the two in, close the container by making sure that there is no chance of it potentially leaking from anywhere because to mix the two, you will need to shake the container quite vigorously.

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