How to Make People Take You Seriously

Humorous people are often popular, but the downside is that with time, people tend to take them for granted, or in other words non-seriously. Either they believe you are too innocent, or too wacky to say anything of note. This is the worst feeling in the world – you are trying to say something on an extremely serious note, but others simply disregard your opinion.

You can change all this over time, but need to act serious for a certain time and alter your percieved image. A few things which you should keep mind in order to change other people’s perception are as follows.


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    Although the appearance shouldn’t matter, you should still consider it. It’s just a prejudice which people build up. Simply dress up for the occasion and that would be enough. Girls should not overdo their makeup, while guys should opt for a little trendy style. However, this rule totally changes if it is an official meeting. In that case you must dress up formally.

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    You need to cut down on your jokes. You might enjoy the reputation of having a good sense of humor and being funny, but it is nothing that should matter all the time. Rather than giving an input of a funny one-liner, try giving out something constructive. Start off by giving serious ideas, something that might change the thought process of the whole conversation.

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    Make sure that you are loud enough so that others can listen to what you have to say.Remember, think before you speak; it is a golden rule, act on it. It always works. Try not to mumble through details which are not necessary. Keep everything to the point and your tone should remain serious. Also, try not to insult anyone.

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    Confidence is the key. You must be confident enough before saying something. People will most definitely listen to your ideas once you show them that you are confident about them yourself. Try to keep everyone involved if you are working in a team. Teams definitely don’t like one man shows.

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    If other people try to confide in you, at least be trustworthy enough. Once others start believing that they can trust you, they will most definitely start taking you seriously. However, if you goof around telling everyone about everything someone has said to you, your reputation will not only go down as a non-serious person, but also as an untrustworthy human being.

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