How to Make Pigs in Blanket

Pigs in a Blanket can be made numerous different ways but no matter how you do it, they are loved by everyone. The general rule is to wrap some form of pork meat in bread, dough or bacon. This recipe is ideal for use as a delicious breakfast item or your child’s lunch. Fortunately, making Pigs in a Blanket is very easy and does not require any special utensils or ingredients.

Prep time: 10 min
Bake time: 11-15 min
Total time: 21-25 min
Yield: 7 pieces
Utensils: Baking sheet, Oven, Brush (Optional), Flat wooden surface, Rolling pin, Sharp knife

Standard Hot Dogs (uncooked): 4
Crescent roll dough: 1 can (8-count)
Ketchup and mustard (optional): To tastes
Beaten egg to coat hot dogs (optional): 1


  • 1

    Read the instruction on the back of the dough container to determine the temperature at which you will have to bake the recipe and accordingly pre-heat the oven. Most of the dough brands require the oven to be preheated at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • 2

    Separate each crescent dough triangle and roll them out. The dough needs to be of normal thickness. Too thick and it will remain undercooked. Too thin and it will break apart. You will want to remember that being-baked dough will rise and expand. Use a rolling pin and a flat wooden surface for this purpose.

  • 3

    Cut the hot dogs into equal halves. Wrap each piece in the triangular dough pieces. Make sure that the hot dogs are completely wrapped in dough.

  • 4

    Place uncooked hot dogs on a baking sheet. Make sure you grease the sheet before baking the hot dogs. Moreover, the hot dogs should be spaced 1 inch away from each other.

  • 5

    Leave the hot dogs to bake in the oven for about 11 to 15 minutes. You will need to make sure that dough is golden brown. If it is not, bake the hot dogs for a short while longer.

  • 6

    Take out the hot dogs and allow time for the piggies to cool down before they are served.

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