How to Make Your Own Protein Bars

Protein bars are not just supplements for body builders, in fact they are used by people as dietary supplements and also as alternatives to meals on a number of occasions. These bars are easily available in the market, but they can be rather expensive and to avoid the additional expenses, people often venture into making them at home. This also allows them to create a bar that is well suited to their requirements. Then there is the guarantee that all the products used in the preparation are clean and the utensils hygienic.

 There are a few simple steps involved in the preparation of protein bars.

Things Required:

– Floor
– Protein Powder
– Milk
– Coconut Floor
– Water
– Chocolate or Caramel


  • 1

    Create dough

    The first step involves the mixing of protein powder and floor. You then need to get milk and once you have added that, you can start to mix all three elements to form a sort of dough.

    In order to get the desired consistency, you can use some coconut floor and water.

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    Dip in chocolate

    First melt chocolate in a bowl. Once you do that, you need to dip each bar into the chocolate bowl separately in order to give them a nice thick coating.

    You can also use caramel coating instead of chocolate depending upon your personal preference.

    raw bar
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    Lastly, you need to arrange the bars on a tray and freeze them. The freezing process can take up to an hour. Once they are frozen you are good to go and enjoy your protein bars.


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