How To Manage Entry Level Graduates

Managing the entry level graduates can be a huge headache for the administration. Barring a few exceptions, most of the recent grads don’t have the knowhow or the desire to become fully connected and motivated towards their job. These are the people who have not seen the real corporate world and don’t understand its dynamics. As a manager though, it is your responsibility to engage them and help them become important assets for the organization. In this article, we will go through some recommended practices which every manager should adopt to help the entry level graduates acclimatize properly.


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    Communicate With Them Regularly

    Always promote open communications with all the employees, especially the entry level people. This does not necessarily mean that they can buzz whenever any problem arises, but they should have the means to contact the concerned people depending upon the nature of the problem. Try to check in on that every now and then, just to ensure that proper training is being imparted.

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    Give Them Regular Feedback

    Employees love to get an appraisal of their performance every now and then, and it is also important for the company so that everyone should know exactly where he or she stands and what needs to be done to come on the same page. Although entry level graduates are at the bottom of the command chain, you should always be mindful to follow the same practice for them. This is something for which you will have to make some time, no matter how occupied you are.

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    Positive Appraisal

    No matter which positions an employee is serving at, it is the duty of the manager to praise him or her for even the smallest of improvements and contributions. The same goes for the entry level graduates. This motivates them to take more interest in what they do, just to get another positive appraisal. The results come in the form of greater ownership and responsibility.

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    Proper Mentoring

    At the start of a career, everybody needs a proper mentor who can impart the relevant knowledge. Take time out of your schedule to be that person and if you cannot, always assign someone who can do the role properly. Proper mentoring at the early stage will not only help in proper training, but will also help these graduates to recognize the stream for which they are cut out.

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