How to Manage Your FarmVille Neighbors

Zynga’s FarmVille is a simulation game started on a social networking site, Facebook. It is similar to Harvest Moon and is a single player game which involves interactions with other players. It involves management of farm i.e. ploughing, agriculture, looking after animals, harvesting, raising livestock and fertilizing.

If you are not playing this game regularly then neighbours can come in handy. Having neighbours will not only allow you to expand your farm but also unlock other materials. Not only this, you get different kinds of bonuses, coins and other stuff while helping your neighbours.


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    Crop fertilization

    You can get extra experience points when you visit your neighbours and fertilize portion of their crops. Remember that your neighbour will also be benefited with this. They will get extra coins for fertilizing potion of your crops.

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    Fertilizing ploughed land

    In case you are not returning to FarmVille for few days then you may plant seeds in your land. However, your neighbours can fertilize your ploughed land. As a result when you plant on them again your crops will be fertilized quickly. You can even fertilize your neighbours’ ploughed land but make sure to inform them before they leave. Remember that you cannot fertilize a fallow land.

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    You can always send and receive gifts from your neighbours in FarmVille. Tell them which of the special items you require and you will get it from the gift. Remember to send your friends gift all the time so they send you back as a thank you gift. In this way they will be happy and send you gifts. There are unique and limited time items available in gifts which can only be owned when your neighbour send them.

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    Whenever your FarmVille friends earn a ribbon you can get free coins. The bonus can be only 50 coins or can go up to 500 or more coins. These bonuses may be less but they will add up a lot to your bank. In addition to these bonuses, your neighbours may share a roaming animal like black sheep which you can adapt.

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    Extra coins

    With neighbours you can earn extra coins which will help you in getting items and even increase experience. You can even sell the gifts received from your neighbours which you do not like and earn extra cash.

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