How to Marinate Ribs for Smoking, Grilling, BBQ & Roast

If you are like me, you think well cooked ribs are the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you have yet to try ribs, we understand only if you are vegetarian or sincerely dislike things that are delicious. Ribs, either pork or beef are only as good as the marinate or flavouring, be it liquid or a rub.

The following guide provides everything you need to know about properly marinating ribs in order to maximize flavour and dining pleasure. That is you know, if you are into that kinda thing.


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    The Marinate

    The marinate is what adds the desired flavour to your ribs. A cornucopious amount of marinates and recipes are available, many of which are likely to suit your taste and compliment beef or pork ribs beautifully. Most recipes will indicate in they are for pork, beef or both.

    Good marinates combine both sweet and salty or sour elements to counter-balance one another. Many are also acidic, either using citrus juice or vinegars.

    Experiment and dare to try something new when it comes to marination.

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    Rinse and Apply

    Now onto the preparation. Always be sure to rinse and wash the meat well before using it. Allow the meat to come to room temperature before marinating.

    Use a large clean container (preferably one with a lid) or zipper style storage bag. Try to avoid metal containers such as aluminium for storing marinated meat.

    Cover the meat well with the marinating liquid. Note that the thicker the sauce, the longer it will need to penetrate and flavour the meat.

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    Good Things Take Time

    You will need for the meat to marinate for at least 12-14 hours to maximize flavour absorption and tenderness. You can refrigerate or freeze marinated ribs. Be sure to seal the container or bag well prior to doing so. Ribs can be kept for up to 48 hours in the fridge as long as this period is within the "best before" period indicated.

    If freezing marinated meat, defrost it over the course of a day in the fridge. Never defrost meat at room temperature for sanitary reasons.

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    Create a new batch of the marinate that you used to flavour your ribs. This should be applied to the meat while it cooks for added texture and flavour. We recommend barbecuing or roasting ribs. These slower methods create tender and flavourful ribs.

    When it comes to cooking ribs, good things once again take time. Enjoy the preparation process, it will lead to a better eating experience.

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    Enjoy everything about eating your delicious ribs. Don't be shy about getting your hands dirty, that's the best way to enjoy ribs.

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