Product Review: Dagoba Organic Chocolate

As a seasonsed and self-professed chocoholic, I do enjoy the liberty of taste testing and sampling any and all varieties of chocolate. Dark chocolate in particular has received press for its health benefits, tastes, flavors, and onslaught of unique brands. Organic chocolate has been gaining recognition for its purity, exquisite flavors, and variety of combinations. I came across Dagoba Organic chocolate after a search for the ultimate dark chocolate fix; growing tired of the usual Hershey’s Dark chocolate that had become my ‘vice of choice’ after a stressful day, I perused the varieties in the world of organics to stumble across this gift from heaven.

Dagoba Organic chocolate is a premium brand of chocolate, and offers chocolate bars, hot chocolate drinks, baking provisions, and beautifully packaged gift selections. The company prides itself on its focus on environmental awareness, social responsibility for its fair trade chocolate cultivation, and has won various awards for its innovative sustainable practices. All of its products are Kosher and 100% Organic Certified; the flavor is exceptional, and I do believe are a direct result of this commitment to chocolate excellence!

Since the bars are so pure, the chocolate ‘hit’ is one of a kind; the full line of Dagoba Organic Chocolate bars offers dark, milk, and single origin varieties showcased in signature packaging and available nationwide. The Dagoba Organic Dark Chocolate bars are chock full of antioxidant goodness; each flavor is indicated with the percentage of pure dark chocolate. The darkest and grandest of all is the Eclipse, with a whopping 87% pure cocoa bean composition. Compare that to a 50-60% average for other dark chocolate bars, and you’ll find a significant difference. The key thing to remember with dark chocolate, is the emphasis on the cacao bean and lower threshold of sugar content; since dark chocolate also contains limited milk content, it truly is the next best thing to pure cacao beans!

Besides the pure flavors, Dagoba Organic Dark chocolate varieties also include flavor infusions. Lavender, Lime, ‘Mon Cheri’ and Mint offer strong tastes for even the beginner’s palate, and can be purchased in variety boxes or as single ars. The New Moon is my second favorite, another rich and deeply enchanting flavor that can bring the feel-good endorphins to the forefront in a matter of minutes! There is no doubt that Dagoba bars are potent; each flavor offers a unique and satisfying experience.

Other products offered by the Dagoba Organic Chocolate line include Milk chocolate and varieties; single-origin flavors from Cost Rica, Peru, and Ecuador; and a delicious Mayan-inspired line of drinking chocolate for the true chocoholic. The infusions of chile, pepper, and spices to the drinking chocolate can provide ultimate indulgence at the end of the day. Dagoba Organic Chocolate is avaialble at a variety of gourmet food and liquor stores, online directly from the website, and even wholesale for large quantities via eBay 😉

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