How to Massage Lateral Abdominal Muscles for Martial Artists

The strength of abdominal muscles plays a vital role in every sport especially in martial arts as the martial artists always rely on their strength and agility. The massage for lateral abdominal muscles is very important for every professional or even intermediate martial artist’s repertoire because it helps in increasing the flexibility, fluidity, stretches and also assists in making the motion quite easy and comfortable. Many martial artists do lateral abdominal massage after every workout in order to make their muscles relaxed. Keep reading if you want to know how to massage lateral abdominal muscles for martial artists.


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    First of all, you should take Tiger Balm White, preferably in small quantity, and use your finger tips to spread and gently rub just below your lower abs. Make sure you gently rub as it will work in a better way and you will feel your muscles relaxed.

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    You should also gently rub the balm on the external obliques and make sure you do it with deep kneading motions ensuring that you do not pull or strain your muscles.

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    You need to continue kneading motions upwards and downwards on your serratus anterior which is a part on the upper side of ribs. You should be careful in massaging this muscle and do not massage it harsh.

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    Now you should massage your external obliques and this time you should rub the balm in a firm way. Continue massaging and gradually turn your rubbing strokes into kneading.

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    Then you should increase the intensity of kneading on the obliques. Make sure the movement of your hands should be clockwise which will produce better results.

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    Clock wise movement of your hands while massaging or rubbing the balm on external obliques will help in relaxing the muscles in a desired way and you will not feel any sign of fatigue after a long workout.

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    After that, you should take a small amount of balm and gently massage it over your abdominal muscles. Make sure that the strokes of massage are long, gentle and smooth.

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    Gradually massage all muscles that you already have massaged in order to give a relaxation to all Lateral Abdominal Muscles. It will help in making the tissues of your Lateral Abdominal Muscles flexible and you will have a light feeling.

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