How to Mount a TV on the Wall

Mounting an LCD or LED TV on a wall improves the entertainment experience in many ways. Not only can you save space but also give a lustrous look to your entertainment room. Mounting the TV on a wall is fairly easy. Of course, you will need studs to provide strength so the TV can be mounted on the wall. It is important to choose the right type of studs. Low quality studs should be avoided to avoid damage to your delicate LCD TV. Manufacturers recommend placing an LCD TV at a height where eye level of the viewer is below the centre of the screen.


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    Firstly, you will need to mark spots on the wall so the TV could be hanged at a certain height. Since pencil marks are easily removable it is advised to use a pencil to mark the spots. Marking spots with a pen should be avoided at all times .Using a pen will make it harder to correct mistakes as pen spots cannot be erased.

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    Now consider aligning the spots in a straight level. This can be done by using a level to ensure accuracy. Do not rush to get this job done. Take as much time as you need to make sure the alignment is precise. You might want to ask for some help by calling a friend or family member to ensure the alignment is okay.

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    To drill holes in the wall, you will need to buy a good quality drill from your local hardware store. Turn on the drill and make holes in spots marked by the pencil using heavy gauge screws. Remember dry-wall screws do not have the capacity to support the weight of your LCD TV.

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    Now use heavy gauge screws to mount to the wall. You may also have to buy the torpedo level to ensure the mount is aligned. Hand the TV on the mound to enjoy the best entertainment experience, watching 3D movies in your very own house.

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