How to Negotiate with a Car Salesman

Have you found your dream car?

If not, you should start searching the internet, as there are a numerous options available out there. You can either look for new or used cars, depending on your budget.

Once you have made a final decision, you should visit a showroom and see the cars physically, checking them for all the important parametres. After you have chosen you favourite machinery, you will have to negotiate with the car salesman. Most people find this part to be the most difficult one, but you have to make sure that you save as much as you can out of the deal.


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    Stay confident

    Whenever you are finalising a deal with someone, you have to stay confident. This way, the other person will not attempt to be over smart with you. Moreover, you will give an impression that you are a serious buyer and have not visited the showroom just to waste time of the salesman.

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    Don’t reveal your budget

    The salesman will try and ask your budget, when you go to the showroom. It is ideal not to reveal that. Instead, you should tell him/her that you have not made up your mind on that and will make a final decision once you hear the initial offer.

  • 3

    Ask for the best price

    When you see a good vehicle, ask the salesman about the best price he or she can offer. Most probably, the other person will say that there is no margin of negotiation, but you have to keep pushing in order to get a good deal.

  • 4

    Stay polite

    Even if the salesman is showing less flexibility, you have to stay polite during the negotiation. Once you get rude, the other person will no longer be interested in the deal and will probably ask you to look for vehicles in a different showroom.

  • 5

    Hide your excitement

    Sometimes people get extremely excited, when they see a car of their choice. However, you don’t have to reveal that excitement to the salesman, if you wish to get a good price. Once the dealer comes to know that you want the car badly, he/she will not show much flexibility. As a result, you will either have to buy the car on a higher price or look for another option somewhere else.

  • 6

    Be prepared to leave

    If the salesman is not listening to you, be prepared to leave the showroom. This way, you might end up getting a better price.

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