How to Nurture Centipede Grass

Centipede is a coarse variety of grass that has slow growth. It is preferred for its sturdiness and rough texture which makes it ideal to cover parks and golf courses. Centipede grass has an apple green colour which is soothing to the eyes and looks good on public areas. Centipede grass is not very demanding and does not ask for much maintenance, which is why it is called the ‘lazy man’s grass’. However, there are still some things you need to take care of for the best growth.


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    Centipede grass grows best in acidic soil. Do a soil test before you plant the grass. Alkaline soil can cause iron deficiencies for the grass, resulting in a yellow color. Treat the soil for acidity before you plant the grass. The soil patch that you select should have full sun or partial shade. Make sure that the site you choose is level as it is hard to mow irregular land patches and you might end up over-mowing your grass.

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    Centipede grass does not ask for much fertilizing. However, if fertilization is needed, it should be done at the time of plantation. Water the plantation site, dig it up and then mix in the fertilizer. A good fertilizer will have a 15-0-15 content. Yearly additions can be made after it. However, keep the phosphorus quantity low because it depletes the iron levels in the grass. Centipede grass is not very responsive to fertilizer application and can even thrive without it.

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    Once the grass settles down and goes green in the spring, start mowing. Give a space of five to seven days between each mowing session. However, it is better to not mow too low. Instead, mow less, but frequently.

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    Centipede grass is a very hard variety. It can do absolutely well without water in spring. In summers it will need watering when the temperature is high and especially during droughts. Water early in the morning or late in the afternoon because the soil's water retention is high when the sun is not up.

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    Lime can be applied to increase the PH of the soil if it is below 5.0 as the grass thrives in acidic conditions. Chelated iron spray is effective in improving the grass colour to a fresh green if it shows any traces of yellowing.

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