How to Observe and Appreciate Sculpture Art

Whenever we hear the word ‘art’, most of us usually imagine abstract paintings and eccentric artists painting away with their brushes, creating things that our minds are unable to process or define. However, painting is not the only thing that art concerns itself with; another highly exquisite form is  known as sculpture art. While this type of art can also be complicated and abstract, sculpture art is a little easier to observe and appreciate as compared to paintings, because a sculpture presents the imagination of the artist in the form of a 3D image, which can be observed from all abgles.

There are a few tips and tricks that will allow you to observe and appreciate sculpture art properly; however, you need to be willing to give it some time and effort, so that you can develop a keen and refined artistic sense overtime.


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    When you look at a sculpture, it may seem dull and boring at first glance, because it may be nothing more than a lady carved out of stone, or an unusual shape moulded from metal, with other materials hanging off of it. It takes a lot of time to delve into the sculptor's imagination, and begin to understand what he/she intended to portray, and wanted the viewers to think. Letting your imagination do the work, and stepping into the sculptor's shoes is the first step of beginning to observe and appreciate sculpture art properly.

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    Every sculpture has some sort of history behind it; there are some sculptures that are hundreds and even thousands of years old. Check out the history behind each sculpture that seems to grab your attention, and research what the artist who created it was famous for. Once you understand what a sculpture stands for, and what it was that prompted the sculptor to create it, you will be in a better position to appreciate it. There can be many stories behind a sculpture, and reading about them is likely to  intrigue you more than you ever thought possible.

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    Ask others

    Whenever you are at an art gallery, there are bound to be many other visitors there, who are also observing the paintings and sculptures. It is highly recommended that you ask the people around you about what they think the artist was trying to say when he created a specific piece of art. Try and have an open mind, and accept the fact that there may be many different views which may not always match with yours. This is the whole point of observing and being able to appreciate art work - taking multiple perspectives into account. Take a friend along with you, who  has an interest in such things, so the two of you can discuss different sculptures together.

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