How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card

There can only be two reasons that one would wish to acquire a medical marijuana card; the first is if one actually needs it, which is a different case, while the second has to do with teenagers and in some cases adults, just looking for a way to get stoned without worrying about the fuzz, or as the common folk such as we call them, the police.

For each purpose there is a different way to obtain the license for medical marijuana with different procedures to follow and in one case, potential consequences to follow.


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    The first method is if you actually need the marijuana on medical grounds. In order to obtain the license in this case, the case has to be put forward by your doctor or a specialist who has been treating you for some time and is intimately aware of your condition.

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    If he recommends the treatment then he should put forward all the documentation needed and will only ask you for a few simple details and a passport sized picture, or in some cases a visit to a particular office, at the most.

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    The second technique involves meeting this person known as Bob. He is a mysterious character and as you may have guessed it is not his real name. There is a Bob in every city, town and small town in nearly every state of the United States of America. The first thing that one needs to do is find Bob.

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    In most cases, Bob can be found in the Ghetto areas and all Bobs usually have the same ‘uniform’. Low hanging jeans baggy enough to fit an elephant in, some jewellery around their neck and in their mouth. However, apart from the typical thug portfolio, the two things that will help you spot Bob are that they do not have any visible tattoos and they usually have a name tag with the words ‘MARk JUAN Adam’. If you take the uppercase letters from that name tag is spells ‘MARJUANA’. Bob is smart like that apart from his spelling.

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    Approach Bob and present an envelope with your personal information, no bank account details required, $300 in cash and two passport sized photos and within a week you will have your license.

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