Steps to open a Wine Bar in Ottawa

Since wine is one of the favorite drinks of Canadians and tourists alike, there’s a great demand for it as well; this is the reason why many people consider opening a wine bar in the city as a pretty lucrative business. Even though many people are enthusiastic about the idea, they are unsure of how actually they can practically implement their plan. But do not get alarmed because this article works as a complete guide for opening a wine bar in Ottawa, with the least possible complications and inconveniences.

You will have to follow these certain steps and they are going to be enough for you if you want to open a wine bar in the city of Ottawa, which is located in Canada.


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    The first step in the process of opening a wine bar is to do a deep research on your target market; what can be their likes and dislikes in the collection of wine? Which age groups are your potential customers going to lie in? Which locality will be most profitable, for the business?

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    Undeniably, location of a business is a decisive factor of how well it may do! You can either get it on rent or buy the property. To avoid any inconvenience, find details on buying commercial property in Ottawa or else if you want to get commercial property on rent in Ottawa.

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    It is illegal to start a business, without acquiring a business license for it. So naturally the next step that needs to be done is getting a business license for your wine bar. Since wine is liquor, a license for selling liquor is required to be gained on priority basis.


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    Renovate the place in order to give it a distinctive look and attract customers. You can either do it yourself if you think you have a amazing ideas for interior decorating along with sharp aesthetic sense, or an interior designer can be hired for the purpose.

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    Next step will be hiring the staff. Taking start with a limited staff will be good idea!

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    Start advertising your wine bar. This can be done by giving advertisements in local newspapers, using social media advertisement tools or through flyers and enjoy new customers!

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