How to Open a Wine Bottle without a Corkscrew

It might happen that you go out for a picnic in a nice cool weather and enjoy with your friends and family. You take out a perfect bottle of wine but then suddenly remember that you have forgotten to bring the corkscrew at home. Well, a corkscrew is not the only tool you can use to open up a bottle of wine and some other methods can also be adopted in such emergency. Just a little presence of mind can help you out in such situation and you can use many other objects to open up a bottle of wine.


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    Keep in mind that you might spill some wine while opening the bottle with such methods and you should take your bottle to a save place where you don’t have any danger of spoiling the clean surface underneath you.

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    You will need a long screw to drive through the opening cork of the bottle. A screw with deep grooves will best serve the purpose. Twist the screw until it gets 1 ½ to 2 inches deep in the cork and half of its length is still outside.

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    Next, you will need a hammer with a nail-pulling end at one side of it. Slide the screw top through the hammer’s end and gently pry the cork upwards. This should do the trick and your wine bottle shall get rid of the opening cork.

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    A metal coat hanger can also be used for opening the wine bottle. Twist the hanger with pliers and cut out a long piece of metal wire.

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    Take a screw-driver and wrap the coat hanger wire onto it, forming a coil onto the shaft. You might need a pair of pliers to wrap the hard wire on the screw-driver.

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    Take the coil off the screw-driver and insert it into the opening cork of the wine bottle, just like a normal corkscrew. Us the pliers to hold the other end of the wire and pull it upwards to open the bottle comprehensively.

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    You can use a blunt screw-driver for making a cork punch. Any other sturdy metal file or even a marker can do the trick as well.

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    Take an old piece of cloth or some paper towels to cover the screw-driver’s end with it.

  • 9

    Place the cork punch directly over the cork of the bottle, making sure it is not touching with the glass.

  • 10

    Take a hammer and strike it at the backside of the cork punch with reasonable force. You must be sure that the wine bottle does not slip underneath or all of your hard work will fell to pieces.

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    The cork will fall inside the bottle and you can now enjoy your wine.

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