How to Open NEF Files In Photoshop

If you have a Nikon camera and you take pictures from it using high resolution settings, then you may also know that the high quality of the images use NEF file format. The NEF files are high in resolution and when an image editing software program opens it, the process of loading takes some time. You may find it difficult to open the NEF files on many image editing software programs, due to images’ high quality. So, if you have NEF files and you plan to edit them, then you should consider installing Adobe Photoshop in your computer, as it includes NEF extension, in its list of files which it can open for the editing purpose.


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    Purchase the CD or DVD for the latest version of the Adobe Photoshop. Insert it in your computer’s CD/DVD ROM Drive and open its contents. Double click the program installation file and the dialog box will appear on your screen.

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    Click the “Next” button to start installing Adobe Photoshop in your computer. Click “I Agree” when the dialog box shows Terms and Agreement section.

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    It will now ask you to define the path where you want to save the installation files. By default, the path will be set for your “Program Files” folder. If you want to change it, just click the “Browse” button and define the path. Click “OK”, and then click “Next” to continue. Click the “Finish” button to end the installation process.

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    Now launch the Adobe Photoshop by double clicking the program icon. You can find the Photoshop icon on your desktop, as well as in the Start Menu. If you do not create desktop icon, then you will have to click the “Start” button, and move your mouse cursor to “Programs” or “All Programs”, depending on the version of Windows you are using. Now move you cursor to the Adobe Photoshop folder, and a submenu fill open. Click on the program icon.

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    Now transfer you NEF files from your camera to computer. Open Photoshop window and select “Open” from the “File” menu. Now browse to the location where you saved the image file. Click on it and it will become highlighted. Click “Open” button and it will appear in the main Photoshop window.

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