How to Organize Kids Closets

Closets in your kid’s room are used to place their clothes, toys and other stuff inside them. There are many shelves and compartments in them which help them put different things on different shelves. However, these closets are easily disorganized which makes it hard to access.

You just need to take out little time for this and your kid’s closet will be re-arranged. This will make their life easier as they will be able to find their desired clothes and other stuff easily.

Things Required:

– Basket or other floor storage containers
– Over-the-door shoe rack
– Cubbyhole shelves or two-drawer storage containers
– Hangers


  • 1

    Empty the closet

    First of all you need to take out everything present in your child’s closet and place them near you. Remember that you need to place them besides you category wise e.g. pile up toys in one place and socks in another pile. You also need to place the clothes according to seasons i.e. which clothes will be used now and which clothes in the next season. You can also pile up accessories and the clothes which need to be cleaned.

  • 2

    Set aside clothes worn out or not used anymore

    You need to carefully check if any of the clothes are worn out or any item not in use. Then put them aside and later either dispose them or give them away to charity organisations.

  • 3

    Place toys and other stuff in separate boxes

    You need to get boxes or crates in which you can store your toys and other stuff. You should place each kind of stuff in a separate basket e.g. place shoes in different basket and toys in different.

  • 4

    Place shelves

    Next you can get cubbyhole shelves and place them in the lower end of your children closets. You can place belts and other accessorizes in these shelves. You can also place clothes which you do not want to hang in these cubbyhole shelves.

  • 5

    Replace hangers

    Check properly all the hangers in your child closet after taking them out. Throw away all of the hangers are obsolete or broken and place new ones in the closet.

  • 6

    Get rid of old items from the closet

    You need to regularly dispose old and unused clothes or items from your child closet. In this way, it will remain spacious and organized all the time.

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