How to Pass the Marine Corps PFT

If you want to join the United States Marine Corps, you will have to pass a physical fitness test (PFT). Mental and physical fitness is very important for a healthy life. It becomes more crucial if you want to pursue your career as a Marine officer.

There are mainly three portions in PFT which are overseen by your commanding officer. You have to deliver your best in all three exercises so as to pass the test. You will get a score after each exercise and in the end your grand total will decide that whether you will become an officer or not.


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    First of all, you have to wear the authorised uniform for the PFT. The uniform has been designed by USMC. It contains a green-on-green T-shirt, socks, shorts and shoes. If you are giving the test in the winter, you will have to wear green-on-green sweat suit. In addition, you can also wear gloves. Normally, you are not allowed to make any kind of changes in your uniform. However, you can wear different uniform in exceptional cases, but on the permission of your commanding officer.

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    There is no particular sequence of events in the PFT. You commanding officer will make the schedule which may differ from the other groups. All the events in the PFT are concluded within two hours and all the marines are provided with the necessary time to stretch, recover and drink water at the completion of an event.

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    Pull-ups are one of the most important exercises which you have to do in order to pass the test. You must know that you have to do complete and accurate pull-ups. Moreover, you should also know that there is no time limit in this exercise. Your sweatshirts are removed during the pull-ups so as to know that whether you are locking out your elbows in the right way or not. You have to grasp the bar with both your palms which can be either in the forward direction or in the rear direction.

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    Then, you have to do the abdominal crunches for which you are given two minutes. You will not be permitted to arch your lower back or to lift your buttocks during the crunches.

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    After that, you have to complete a specified course as fast as possible by running. It is a timed event and will be monitored very strictly by your commanding officer.

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