How to Photograph a New York City Summer Vacation

Spending your summer vacations in New York City is one of the best decisions you can take. The weather conditions might not be ideal but anywhere you plan to visit, the sun will be bright and hot. You might also get good deals to shop as prices will be lower. No matter what country you live in, New York City is a great destination to spend your summer vacations. There are several sites you can visit and take photographs. People there are also tourists friendly and will be happy to come in pictures. However, you need to follow some tips in order to plan the trip and take snaps in New York City.

Things Required:

– A good quality camera
– Enough money to spend some time in NYC
– Hotel Reservation


  • 1

    Visit Empire State Building

    In order to have top view of the whole city, you need to visit the Empire State building. After going to the top of Empire State, you can take photos of the whole city. You can also take pictures of your family in front. You will be able to see Central Park from here. Next stop you can make is visit the Central Park but keep in mind it is a huge place to go.

  • 2

    Pictures on the street

    You can take pictures on the street. The people present there are not camera shy. You can take pictures with wide-angle lens and without looking through the viewfinder. Get snaps of street performers and other people in action. Remember to keep your camera hanging in your neck rather than carrying on your shoulder. This is to keep safe from street crimes.

  • 3


    New York City has few of the best restaurants where you can have dinner. Visit these restaurants and take pictures of your experience. You can visit Club 21 or the Green. Besides this you can have brunch at the Rainbow Room where you can have a great experience.

  • 4

    Night clubs

    When you go out in night, you should take your camera with you. Where ever you go and visit places, you can capture the experiences. You should visit dance clubs or visit concerts but remember to have a speed film. By this you will be able to capture the moments without flash.

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