How to Photograph a Summer Flower Garden

Flowers are beautiful part of nature and you can easily find them everywhere. Capturing the beauty of flowers is an amazing thing to do. Simply go to a flower garden and take pictures of flowers which will take your breath away. Remember that you are not required to be a professional photographer to take brilliant pictures of flowers. Simply get a digital camera and enjoy taking flower photographs.

Things Required:

– Film
– Camera Filters
– Light Meter
– Cameras
– Camera Bags
– Wide-angle Lens
– Telephoto or long lens
– SLR Camera
– Camera Tripod
– Coloured Paper
– Camera Flashes


  • 1

    Type of lenses

    Pick a lens which will give the result you desire. A wide-angle lens will let you take picture of the landscape of flowers whereas macro lens will let you take snaps of the smallest part of the flowers. You should also pack a telephoto lens with you. This lens will let you take photos of bees, butterflies and other small insects flapping away from flowers.

  • 2

    Use colour saturated film

    You are required to use colour-saturated type of print or slide film. Remember that you can use films with ISO 50, 64 or 100 are used for bright colours.

    In order to further enhance the colours, you need to use enhance or warming filters. These will pop the bright colours of flowers.

  • 3

    Use a tripod

    You need to use a tripod in order to improve the stability of your camera for taking flower pictures. Simply place the bottom of the camera on the tripod. By this your shutter speed will be lower, ultimately allowing you capture light and colour.

  • 4

    Determine the subject to capture

    You are required to pick a subject for example the stamen of a flower, a single flower or even the whole field of flowers. You need to think of a point of interest when taking pictures. If you are planning to take picture of the whole field, you need to think your point of interest. In case you don’t, you will wander all over the photograph.

  • 5

    Take shot of your subject

    You need to choose the best angle or lighting for your subject. Then take the picture. You can fill up the shadows with help of flash and choose the background wisely.

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