How to Pick a Rodeo Rope

One of the basic things required to participate in a calf roping competition is the rope with which you will catch the calf – called a lariat in professional terms.

Considering that Rodeo is all about the lariat and the way it is used, picking up a proper one is of utmost importance. You cannot just use any rope in a rodeo; there are so many pre-requisites which need to be considered.


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    Before choosing a rope, you need to decide on how to catch the calf. Will you catch the calf by roping its head or by some other way? The type of rope you chose largely depends on this factor.

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    If you are going to catch the calf by roping its head, choose a rope which is soft and short. 30 feet would be an ideal length in this case.

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    If you plan to catch the animal by roping its feet, you will need a rope about 35 feet long. Make sure it is strong enough because the calf will have more power in its legs compared to the head.

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    Try getting a feel of the rope while you are in the store to purchase it. The normal loop sizes of a rodeo rope are 5/16 and 3/8-inches in diameter. See which one suits your style better.

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    Make sure that the rope you choose is equipped with the right Hondo. This will largely depend on the event you are participating in. For instance, if the rope will be used in a ladies break-away roping event, it must be equipped with a Hondo, which will pop open as soon as the appropriate amount of pressure is applied.

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    Finally, the material used in the rope’s manufacturing needs to be taken into consideration. Do not skimp and make sure that you buy a good quality polyester or nylon rope. You may have to spend more initially, but you will be saving money in the long run because a good quality rope will last longer compared to an average one.

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