How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Brother

When it comes to Christmas and showing your love for your family, the right gifts can make a big difference. Whether your brother and you live together or separately, giving him a great Christmas gift can really show him how much you appreciate his presence and support. Fortunately for you, picking the perfect gift for him is not as hard as it might seem. However, you will have to make your decision keeping in mind his age, preferences, hobbies and likes.


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    If you spend time with your brother on a regular basis you must have an idea of the things he has been wanting recently. This might be a new television, a music player, a pair of shoes or a dinner jacket. Try to remember if he has talked about something in particular or saw something in a store which he liked very much but didn’t buy. If something does come to mind, you should make sure your brother hasn’t already gotten it before you do.

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    You can also take help from his girlfriend/wife and your parents and ask them whether they are aware of anything your brother might have been wanting of late. You simply need them to give you a few options and there is no need for you to actually tell them what you are going to get.

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    If your brother is young and under 18, sticking to sports goods and video games is a safe choice, depending on what his preferences are. If he is into video games, you can check out his existing collection or his most played games when he is not around and search online for games from the same genre. However, it is even better if you can talk to some of his friends and find out if he has been obsessing over a particular upcoming game, since most of them are released in time for the holiday season.

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    For college students any form of money is very welcome. If your brother is old enough for college, he will appreciate gift cards. You can get a Visa or MasterCard gift card for him, which can be used in any store that accepts debit cards. This will not only help him in times when money is short but also let him freely choose what he wants to buy.

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    If your brother is a music fan an iTunes gift card might be a gift he will appreciate a lot. On the other hand, having a tech savvy brother means you can look at the latest range of tablets and mobile devices, which are not only very popular these days but also quite affordable around the holiday season.

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