Steps to Write Christmas Party Invitation to Friends

Before you start sending invites to your friends you should complete the process of planning and the important decisions that you may take before throwing a party on Christmas. Party invitations are the most important part of the entire event, because if you come up with an interesting idea, related to the invitation cards, your guest will eagerly wait to attend your party.

In urge to have an exciting and friendly gathering on this traditional occasion, several people plan out a party, in which they invite their friends, family and colleagues. But if you invite them with a friendly gesture no one would love to miss your grand event.

Here are a few easy steps through which you can write a Christmas Party invitation to your friends.


  • 1

    Instead of buying invitation cards from a shop, it would be really wonderful if they are homemade. Your guest will definitely appreciate your effort and glad to attend your program, but if you are short of time then you can get readymade.

  • 2

    Is your party a formal one or an informal casual gathering, this is an important point which should be kept in mind, before making your invites. Your invitation card has to portray the nature of your party so that your guest can easily decide what sort of attire is preferred for the occasion.

  • 3

    Theme is another significant part, which has to be mentioned in a very creative manner. It’s Christmas so you should draw or put something on your card which is related to Christmas, it can be a Christmas tree or a Santa Clause.

  • 4

    You can make cards through various means. If you are good in drawing and you have time, make the invites with your hands. You can draw them on Computer and take out a coloured printout this is the most convenient way, internet can provide you with various ideas.

    You can also send an SMS or an email with an interesting message, which is linked to your party theme.

  • 5

    Date time and venue should be mentioned very clearly on your card. Mention the date and time in bold letters and if you want your guest to follow the theme or a dress code do emphasize on that as well.

  • 6

    Right the addresses properly and make sure that your guests have received your invitation cards.
    Making interesting invitation cards for Christmas though takes a lot of time still you will enjoy it because this prestigious occasion is all about spreading love among family and friends.

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