How to Place an Ad to Sell a Car Online

Over the last decade or so, online selling has undergone a huge boom around the globe. You can sell literally anything on the internet by putting it up for sale.

With the boom in online trade, selling a car is one of the easiest things to do. You just need to advertise on the internet that you are planning to sell a car with such and such details, quote a price, tag along a few pictures and that should be it. In a matter of hours, or a few days at the most, you would have come across a potential customer and finalised a profitable deal.

Advertising online to sell your car is very easy and in most cases, a free service on most websites facilitating online trading.


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    Gather all documents related to the car such as registration booklet, driver’s manual etc.

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    Scrutinise the car and make notes of any minor repair work which needs to be taken care of. Look for small dents, scratches on the car’s body, rust spots etc. Get any necessary repair work done because you will have better chances of negotiating a more profitable deal if there are no visible demerits in the car.

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    Now you need to set a realistic price for the car. Your best shot is to search online for up-for-sale cars with similar models and similar condition. You may also get the car appraised from a mechanic. Whatever means you use, remember that the price you set must be realistic because it does not make sense to be asking $10 for something that can be bought in $1 and vice versa.

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    Using a good resolution digital camera, take a few pictures of the car. You will need those pictures to tag along with the online advertisement to make it look catchier.

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    Make notes of all the information that you need to put in the online advertisement. A typical online advertisement to sell a car will include information such as model of the car, the year it was manufactured and the manufacturing company’s name, a brief history of any accidents the car might have been involved in, seller’s contact details and the asking price.

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    There are hundreds on websites that allow you sell cars online. Choose the top three which appear in google search. Place an advertisement on these websites, filling in all necessary information required. Avoid giving out any personal information such as your banking details. If a website does ask for such information, it is probably a scam and you must not proceed any further on that website.

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    When you are contacted by a potential buyer, make sure that the car is in optimum outlook condition before the buyer comes to give the car a first look.

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