How to Plan a Walking Tour through Chicago

There is no doubt that Chicago can be ranked high in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its pleasant climate, mesmerising beauty and friendly nature of the residents have made it a tourist’s heaven.

The best thing about this city is that there are many amazing places which can be visited even if you do not have any conveyance. No matter if it is day or night, this city always has something to offer visitors but you need to plan your visit to walk through the city of Chicago.


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    Pick the right season:

    You should do some research about the weather before visiting Chicago. It is very important to plan your walking tour in the right season. Though, Chicago is a great city to hike but it is not always like that. Winter is severely cold and you cannot enjoy your walks. Similarly, the Summer is also intensive so you should plan your visit in the Spring season.

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    Visit Lake Michigan:

    Chicago is famous for its lake view parks and places. Lake Michigan is one of the best places to walk as you will always feel an atmosphere of festivity here. People gather in all seasons and have fun with their family and friends. Do walk alongside the lake and I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience.

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    Walk through historic neighbourhood:

    Chicago has several areas that are historic and beautiful at the same time. Wrigleyville, Golden Coast, Lincoln Park, Lake View and River North are few areas where you can find beautiful architecture. The best thing is that these areas are completely safe and you can stop by, relax and have great food in different restaurants. People are very welcoming here and they will offer their assistance in case of any trouble.

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    The Magnificent Mile:

    If you have a female companion with you then how can you forget shopping? For this purpose, you should visit Michigan Avenue which is also known as the Magnificent Mile. There are countless shops in this area and you can buy some good stuff in very competitive prices. Moreover, the famous Millennium Park is just next to Michigan Avenue so this place is worth a shot.

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    Stroll through South Beach:

    Last but not the least, you can visit Chicago’s South Beach and have some meal, drink or just rest. Almost, every citizen of Chicago visits this place at least once a week so there is lot happening here for anybody to enjoy.

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