How to Plant Knockout Roses

Knockout roses are a very popular variety which are in great demand for landscaping gardens. A&M University introduced these roses in 2000 and they have great resistance to drought and disease. These roses are comparatively safe from mildew and black spots than other varieties. They are a very hardy variety that grows from spring and does not require much care. Their beautiful long lasting bloom is a favourite among gardeners. Follow some easy techniques if you want to plant Knockout roses.

Things Required:

– Knockout Rose variety
– Shovel
– Flower fertilizer
– Mulch
– Wheelbarrow


  • 1

    Choose an area in the garden where the roses are to be planted. Knockout roses grow best if planted at a distance of 4-6 feet so that the air circulation is at a maximum. Designate the points where the flowers are to be planted. The area should get full sun for optimum growth and have a decent soil content with good drainage so that water is not free standing. This free standing water can rot the flowers and prevent them from bearing strong roots.

  • 2

    Buy Knockout roses from the local nursery. They come in a variety of colours including red, double red and pink. Choose the colour which goes best with your landscape theme or mix them up for a unique look.

  • 3

    Dig up the soil in the designated points for the roses. Make holes which are at least six inches wider and six inches deeper than the root balls of the roses. Remove the soil using a shovel and clear up the area for plantation using the wheelbarrow.

  • 4

    Conserve the soil for a refill after plantation. Store it in a wheelbarrow and add to it some rose fertilizer. Mix in the fertilizer well and set the soil aside so that it can be used later.

  • 5

    Dump some of the fertilizer mixed soil a couple of inches into the holes. Now take the rose root balls and plant the roses inside the holes with the balls facing the earth. Refill the holes back with the fertilizer mixed soil. Use the shovel to mound up the soil around the rose bush. Leave appropriate space and plant the rest of the bushes, considering the full growth size of the flowers.

  • 6

    Spread a layer of mulch on the mound formed around the bush. Water the flowers regularly and frequently during the first few weeks so that roots take hold.

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