How to Play Monster Trucks Nitro II

Driving a huge monster truck on sharp steeps, flipping it in the air while jumping on rocks and doing crazy stunts is something that every racing games fanatic would love to do. If you’re also the one, you must try the Monster Trucks Nitro II on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This a paid game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but there’s also a free version of the game, available to play on the web.

Follow the guide below to know all the details about the games along with tricks to get nitro boost, level up and finish quickly.


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    Game Information:

    The iPhone version has 28 spectacular tracks to drive Pickup, Rocket, 6-Wheel ATVand MAC Monster Trucks in a 3D environment. That’s not all; there you will find massive destruction, lot of achievements, global scoreboard, friends’ leagues and much more. You might not want to buy before you try so the web version is great to go.

    The free version available on web is best not just to try but also if you want to beat your own previous records and enjoy enormous monster trucks on a bigger desktop screen. It has 2 trucks and 8 tracks, each unlocks on a successful finish of the previous one. Some levels do require you to have specific awards too which you receive on doing the stunts, i.e. flip, jump etc.

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    How to Download & Play:

    To get the game on iPhone go to and get it.

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    Game Controls & Tricks

    Up Arrow --> Speed

    Down Arrow --> Brake

    Left Arrow --> Roll Left

    Right Arrow --> Roll Right

    Flip --> Left Arrow + Up Arrow

    Long Jump --> Right Arrow + Up Arrow

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    If you face any issues while trying to download or play Monster Trucks Nitro II then you can always go in to the 'Help' section of the game for some assistance. If you do not find what you are looking for then you can also go online and visit one of the many websites or forums that is packed full with more information about this game. You will find expert users giving out assistance and helpful tips and tricks on how to download and play this game. If you still need more help then post your query to a forum and you will find some experienced users helping you out. Always make sure that you follow any instructions to the letter as you do not want to skip any important step.

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