How to Play Quidditch in Real Life

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Have you seen how the universities of today have started their own Quidditch World Cups and tournaments? Well, even though Quidditch in Harry Potter was a lot different, people have somehow managed to modify it in such a way that they can play it without flying on broomsticks. You will need a few things in order to play this sport, but it is a little different from what is actually written by J. K. Rowling. Several people want to be like Harry Potter and want to play Quidditch. You can play this sport by following a few easy steps which have been mentioned below.

Things required:
1 quaffel
2 bluggers
2 blugger bats
1 golden snitch
Brooms for each player
6 goal hoops (three for each team)


  • 1

    There should be three chasers. These players will be flying around the field only to pass the quaffel to each other. These chasers are supposed to move the ball in such a way that they can score by throwing the quaffel through the three hoops which have been placed at both the ends of the pitch. One team tries to put the quaffer through one side of the hoops, while the other tries to score on the other side.

  • 2

    One player is supposed to get selected as a goalkeeper or a goalie. The job of the goalie is to guard the three hoops. He/she should be able to reflect all the shots which come their way from the chasers who will try to score by putting the quaffel into those hoops.

  • 3

    Two players from each team are chosen as beaters. Beaters carry a small bat around in order to hit bluggers. What are bluggers? Bluggers are always heading towards the other team: that is what beaters are supposed to do. And they can do it by guiding the bluggers through the small bats which they carry.

  • 4

    What was Harry Potter’s role in the Quidditch team? He was a seeker. You need to have a seeker in your team. The role of a seeker is extremely important as he/she needs to catch the golden snitch. It is the seeker’s job to catch the golden ball with wings.

  • 5

    Once the game starts and a team puts a quaffel through the hoops, the scoring team gets 10 points. However, if you are able to get hold of the golden snitch, you can get 150 points straight.

  • 6

    Once the seeker is able to catch the golden snitch, it’s game over and that team wins.

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