How to Play Syndicated Audio with Your PSP

Besides playing games on your Playstation Portable or PSP, you can view photos, play movies and even play music. This makes PSP an amazing piece of technology. You can go to the internet in it and play music on your PSP without occupying space on its memory stick. Instead of playing it direct from the internet, you can save the music files on your Memory Stick Duo or an audio Universal Media Disk. It requires some simple steps to play the music on your PSP.

Things Required:

– A computer
– A USB cable
– A USB port on your computer


  • 1

    Get a USB cord

    First you need to get a USB cable for your PSP. You can get a data transferring or the charging cable for this purpose. It is easily available at your local gaming or electrical shop and costs around $1 dollar.

  • 2

    Plug the USB cable into your computer

    Now you need to plug the USB cord into the computer. In case you have a USB 2.0 port, plug the cord into that slot. It is much faster for data transferring. Remember that you can even use your laptop for this purpose. Plug the USB cord in your laptop.

  • 3

    Plug the other end of USB to the PSP

    After inserting the USB cord into your computer, you need to plug the B end of the cord into your PSP. Later go to the settings column and move down to the tap ‘USB connection.’ Click the USB connection. Remember that the settings column is located on the far left.

  • 4

    Click on the PSP icon on your computer

    After plugging the USB cord, you will see a PSP icon on your My Computer. In case you are using Windows, your computer will show an autoplay box. Then you need to open the folder named ‘PSP’.

  • 5

    Go to the ‘Music’ folder

    Now you need to go to the Music folder in the PSP icon on your computer. Then you need to minimize the folder.

  • 6

    Select the music files

    Next you need to go to the music files on your computer. You can now select all the music files which you want to copy to your PSP. You can use Ctrl key for individual selection of music files.

  • 7


    After selecting your desired music files, you need to drag and drop or copy and paste the files to the PSP’s music folder.

  • 8

    Disconnect and play

    In the end you need to disconnect the PSP from the USB cord and play the music on your PSP.

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