How to Play the Neopian Stock Market on Neopets

Neopets is a virtual website featuring different games and activities, further allowing the users to build imaginary money, referred to as Neopoints. The stock market guide below will cover the basic elements of how users can buy and sell stocks and build wealth. The necessary element, like in the real world, is to have an initial investment which can be used to accumulate a fortune.


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    Defining the stock market in Neopets

    The stock market is where you buy and sell shares. It is the hypothetical version of the real world but works the same way where a value is assigned to each share given the performance of the company. If the company is doing well, the shares will sell at a higher price. This is how you make money in Neopets from the stock market.

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    How it works

    A four-code letter called the Ticker symbol will be assigned to a company name, along with the current price of the stock, which will be either in green, red or black. For instance if a company’s full name is Skeith Feeding Ltd, it will be abbreviated as SKEI. Along with the abbreviation, a number will be assigned which shows how the company’s stock has done. For instance observe SKEI 28+5, SKEI 28-5, SKEI 28+0.

    Green suggests that the stock is increasing, while red refers to the stock going down. When there is no movement in the price of the stock, the color will be black.

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    The first thing under consideration is how you will purchase the stock. For that, you need to know that the base price for every stock is 15np. Moreover you can only buy a maximum of 1000 stocks in day so therefore it is important that you buy a mix of stocks on offer. There is no limit on the amount you can buy from a particular company.

    You can purchase the stock by clicking the ticker symbol, or go to the page menu and click Find Stocks, or simply add more stocks by clicking on the company name already in your portfolio.

    Your portfolio will show all the stocks you have purchased so far and will include all necessary information, such as the ticker symbol, price of the stock, the change in the price from the start of the day, and its actual worth, along with the percentage if you decide to sell it immediately.

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    Like buying, you call sell your stocks when you feel that you are making good profit. For a general rule, if you have bought a particular stock for 15np, you would want a 100 percent return on it, and will be willing to sell at anything above 30np. However, it is easier said than done, and you can earn quite a lot if you remain patient.

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