Top 10 Stocks to Invest In

The stock market can get volatile anytime and if you are considering investing this year, you need to be extra careful while making your decision. Most newbies, who are eager to make millions in stocks, fool themselves into thinking that every stock is a profit-machine and investing without solid research can often get investors in trouble.


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    Google is relatively new in the stock market compared with Apple. Due to the growing popularity of Android, Google stocks are considered strong, by experts. On the other hand, Google does not have huge competition in the search engine market, giving them the upper hand. Thanks to diversification into hardware, mobile operating systems and cloud computing services, Google stocks are going to surprise investors in 2013.

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    Yahoo may seem like a surprise addition to the list of top-10 stocks, but the company has made a strong comeback after their new CEO made some sensible steps towards putting the company’s performance on track. Yahoo is set to gain surprising results this year.

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    On the back of ever-growing popularity of the iPhone and iPad, Apple has been able to lure a large number of investors. The company’s success is still intact.

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    Facebook can surprise investors this year. The company has been under fire for not doing its best in the market during last year. But this year, the social media giant has been able to reel in considerable profits.

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    Comcast Corporation (CMCSA)

    CMCSA, which boasts a market capital of $98 billion, is set to boost its revenue this year. CMCSA provides communications services and products, due to an outstanding performance in 2012 it has been able to push its dividend yield up to 1.8%.

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    With some experts saying that 2013 will be the year of auto recovery, BorgWarner is set to surprise investors in the coming months. BorgWarner manufactures and supplies automotive industry components.

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    Marathon Petroleum

    Thanks to the arrival of oil from Bakken and Eagle Ford shale, the oil and energy industry will continue to see a rising trend of income generation. Marathon Petroleum, a well-known oil refinery, has grabbed the attention of experts after it purchased BP’s Texas City refinery. The company is forecast to boost its sales this year.

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    Gilead Science Inc (GILD)

    With a whopping $56 billion market capital, GILD stocks are likely to surprise investors this year. Last year the company won the Best Ten S&P Award.

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    SPDR Gold Trust (GLD)

    GLD boasts over $70 billion market cap and has proved itself as the one of the hot picks in 2013.

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    Whitehaven Coal

    Whitehaven Coal, an Australian company, owns 7 mines and boasts an amazing railroad infrastructure. The company is seeing an upward trend as its shares reported a 26.6% gain in December last year.

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