How to Become a Stock Taker

The job of stock taking falls in broader category of stockroom clerk. You do not need any special skills to become a stock taker but basic mathematical skills and customer care can help you get into the field. You might need to work under a supervised environment for a couple of weeks or may be a month to get yourself familiar with filling in records at the time you receive the stock, its storage and shelving, and record of issuing stocks. All warehouses and stockrooms have different method of filling sheets at the time accepting the stock from suppliers, and therefore it will require you to know the procedures.

It is not just that you will take a stock and it is unloaded by unloaders and your job is finished, you have to unwrap the stock, monitor shelving and keep record. It may be required to issue the stock to further parties and you will again be required to monitor the entire process again and keep a record of the inventory.

You can learn the skills of the job quickly, provided you have great observational and judgement skills. Another issue in stock taking is the safety, of not just the stock but workers and yourself. You will have to follow all the safety guidelines while unloading and shelving the stock.


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    BasicĀ Mathematics and Accounting Skills

    Although you are not required to have a proper qualification to become a stock taker, some basic mathematics and counting skills will be a plus. It is possible that the sheets which are required to be filled by you at the time of stock taking are difficult, and if you some basic mathematics skills, it can help you learn and do the job quickly.

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    Basic Admin and Management Skills

    You might be given any number of staff under your supervision and they are involved in stock taking in addition to you. If you have some basic admin and management skills, it will be easier for you to manage them.

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    Customer Care Skills

    At the time of receiving and issuing stock, you will be directly involved with customers, and taking care of their requirements is an essential quality of a stock taking and issuing person. A higher level of customer service can help you quickly progress in the job.

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    Health and Safety Guidelines

    Stock unloading and storage involves risk to health and safety of the staff, especially if the stock consists of heavy goods. You should know all the health and safety guidelines, follow them yourself all the time and made all staff follow them while handling the stock. Also, make sure all health and safety equipment is used at the time of taking and issuing stock.

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    Cleanliness and Hygiene

    Some stocks are sensitive to handle and require a completely clean and healthy environment. You should be aware of all the cleanliness and hygiene principles and rules, and implement them at the stock taking and issuing place.

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    Handling of Emergencies

    You should have knowledge of handling any emergency situation and also an ability to quickly report the emergencies to relevant departments. This also involves taking care of staff and customers' needs.

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