How to Podcast with WordPress

If you want to share your talent with your friends online, or anyone in the world, then making a podcast is the best way to do so. People can subscribe to your music files if you podcast them on your website. If you own a WordPress Blog, then you should know that you have the privilege to podcast your music on your free blog. It is really fun to record audio or video files and then podcasting them to WordPress. The process is really easy an even a novice WordPress user can do it.


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    First of all, you will have to create an audio or video file, which you want to podcast with your WordPress Blog. For this purpose, you can iTunes, iMovie or any other audio or video editing software program.

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    You should make sure that the file that you create should not be more than 10 MB, as it may difficult for your subscriber to download the files, if they are too large in size. Also, try to save the audio files in MP3 format and videos in MP4 format, as they take less disk space compared to many other file formats.

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    Once you are done with creating your audio or video file, you can upload it on any online server, and make sure anyone can access it. It is advised that you should use iTunes, as it allows its users to create and publish their own podcasts.

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    Now login to you account at WordPress and create a new post, which you will use to make podcast.

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    You can write some content in the content box, and turn the HTML interface on. Click at the place where you want your podcast to appear and create a hyperlink text for the link where you uploaded your audio or video file.

    For instance, if the URL of the page where your file is place reads, then you should write “New Podcast”. Here, you can replace “New Podcast” with any text you want to appear in your article.

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    Click “Publish” and your new post with podcast will go online.

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