How to Prepare for a Tornado

A tornado is one of the fiercest storms in the world as it destroys anything that comes in its way. Tornados not only destroy property but also kill people. In case you are residing in an area where tornadoes hit frequently, you need to take proper precautions in order to stay safe. You will be required to be prepared for a tornado well before it hits the area you reside. Follow some basic techniques to help keep you and your family safe from a tornado.

Things Required:

– First aid supplies
– Medications
– Canned food
– Can opener
– Three-day supply of water
– Extra clothing
– Blankets or sleeping bags
– Flashlights
– Radio
– Extra Batteries


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    Know the signs

    You are required to know the danger signs of a tornado. Watch out for a dark greenish sky, low-lying dark clouds, large hail and roaring noise just like the sound of a freight train.

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    Stay alert

    You need to stay informed by watching news on television or listening to alerts on the radio. You can always keep a weather radio to help you stay alert. Remember that when a tornado watch is issued, there is a high chance that one will be form. On the other, there is a tornado warning which basically means one has been sighted in the area.

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    Safe spot

    You are required to keep a safe spot in your house that can be used to stay together when a tornado hits. You need to inform all of your family members when to go to this safe spot. You can practice drills of going to the safe spot as well. Always direct your children towards the safe spot and keep an eye on them when a tornado hits. Remember that this safe spot should not have any windows and should be away from outside walls like a closet or bathroom. Many people make their basement as a safe spot. In some areas there are protection shelters for people who do not have safe areas in their house.

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    Make a disaster supply kit

    Make a disaster supply kit and place it in the safe spot. You should have canned foods, first aid supplies, medicines, can opener, water bottles sufficient for three days, clothes, blankets or sleeping bags, flashlights and radio in the disaster supply kit. Regularly check these items throughout the year to ensure that the food and water is fresh.

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