How to Find a Birth Doula

Pregnancy is a difficult and life-altering transition period that can bring many complications if not taken care of properly. Many females do not take care of themselves during pregnancy and face different complications that usually bring bad effects on their health. Finding a birth doula, who is a labour coach and teaches pregnant females of how to take care of themselves properly, is not difficult as you need to find proper sources to get their services. If you are pregnant and want to find an experienced birth doula for staying in good health then keep reading this post.


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    First of all, you need to decide that for how many weeks or months you want the services of birth doula. Usually females hire a birth doula in the last month of their delivery because this is the crucial and difficult time for pregnant ladies.

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    You should go to the website of Doulas of North America i.e. where you will find contact details and referrals of many birth doulas. You can also get help from the nearest National Association of Childbearing Centre for getting the expertise of birth doulas.

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    Carefully check the portfolios of experienced birth doulas and select a few ones for the interview. It will help you in finding the most appropriate and skilled birth doula who will give you desired care during your pregnancy.

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    You should interview 3 to 4 birth doulas which will help you to know how much knowledge and expertise they have in handling or coaching pregnant ladies.

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    Birth doula will coach you of how to take care of your health during your pregnancy. You will learn many necessary things that play a vital role in avoiding many complications that can cause bad effects on the health of a pregnant lady.

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    The birth doulas usually provide physical, education and emotional support to a pregnant woman. They teach pregnant females about how to position their body during pregnancy and also how to massage during the pain that many females suffer with during pregnancy.

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    You can also hire birth doulas after the birth of your child. A birth doula will provide you required care in the initial few days after the birth.

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    Birth doulas help pregnant ladies by coaching them during pregnancy. They possess valuable information about different complications that may cause harm to the health of pregnant ladies if they are not taken care of appropriately.

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