How to Prevent Cold and Flu with a Healthy Diet

Cold & flu are the sources of discomfort around the world over and also the main reason for low attendance at school and offices and absence of a smile on the face. Amazed and envious of how some people around you never seem to be down with cold and flu while you yourself are tired of the two nuisances? These people have a strong immune system that prevents any flu or cold germs.You can be one of them by building up your own internal body defenses. The best option is to prevent them with food  instead of curing with medicines. Our step by step guide has some tips.


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    Foods with vitamin C:

    Vitamin C is known to shield against viruses like flu and cold by strengthening the immune system. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet that have a lot of vitamin C content in them like oranges, sweet potatoes, kiwi and carrots. Pumpkin is also helpful and provides you with high fiber content apart from being high in anti-oxidants which promote cells that fight germs of cold and flu. Include these fruits raw or lightly cooked in salads.

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    You need proteins to build up your immune system because it is the Amino acids in them which build up our body systems. Opt for lean proteins which supply you with the required nutrients without adding on the fat. Look for sources like fish, skinless chicken, turkey, fish and beans to fill up the protein needs instead of red and ground meat.

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    Cut on the junk:

    Cut on the junk with all the fried food and artificial spices. They weaken your defenses. Go for fresh vegetables, fruits, unprocessed foods and whole grains.

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    Vitamin D:

    Vitamin D is an essential component for immune build up. You can get this from milk, tuna, egg yolk and cereals. This will strengthen your defenses against any attack by the flu germs.

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    Boost up the immune:

    Garlic is known for its immune boosting abilities. Include it in your meals.It will protect you against cold in the first place. Unfortunately, if the germs manage to break your defenses, the garlic will protect it from getting worse.

    Research has proven that yogurt users fall prey to cold lesser than those who did not include yogurt in their diet. Hint lying there for you.

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