How to Prevent Common Cheerleading Injuries

Sports are turning into the most popular thing around the world, with almost every person out there supporting at least one team or more.

With sports growing as an international brand at such a fast pace, it is only obvious that the demands for cheerleaders has also gone up.

Cheerleaders are now a very important part of just about every sport, since they help get the crowd pumped up and really help the team to try and get an edge over their opponents.

However, it is no easy task to become a cheer leader, you have to go years and years of training and hard work, before you are even regarded to be worthy of being on the pitch to cheer for some of the best players out there.

Picking up injuries is fairly common to cheerleaders, who tend to be over working themselves just about every day or the week.


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    Safe flooring

    The first and most common injury that cheerleaders pick up, is when they injure themselves falling on the ground from heights, while they are practicing some flips or the other.

    This tends to happen because the floor in the gyms where they are practicing is just too hard for them to land on.

    In order to avoid this very major injury, which could end their career, all you have to do is install rubber padding on the floors, or place mattresses underneath them, so that they land safely, even if they fall.

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    Spotter and weight training

    Another thing that you can do, is implement a lot more spotters to the cheerleaders when they are practicing. These spotters will help adjust the cheerleaders every time they mess things up, or when they look like they might be on the verge of falling.

    At the same time, you need to get the cheer leaders to step into the gym and start doing some weight training. This is going to help them be able to lift a lot more weight, which might prove to be useful on the long run.

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    Pace yourself and take breaks

    Lastly, you need to learn to pace yourself and avoid burning out altogether. This is going to help your body and your muscles recover and stay in shape, as opposed to them wearing out under all the pressure and stress that is exerted upon them.

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