How to Prevent Muscle Strain in Dance

Getting strain in different parts of muscles while dancing is a common thing because some moves of dance create more pressure than the strength of the muscle causing tearing of tissues or sprain. Sometimes the injury becomes severe and people need to have a major surgery in order to repair the damaged muscles. However, if you love dancing and want to avoid any sort of strain in your muscles then you have to take care of many things. In order to know how to prevent muscle strain in dance you can take guidance from this article.


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    First of all, you should be aware of the diet because dancing requires fitness and taking a healthy diet keeps your muscles stronger. You should take the food that included Vitamin B1. Whole grains, dairy products, fish, beans, eggs and sea food contain Vitamin B1.

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    A well balanced diet keeps your body strong and decreases the chances to avoid strain or tearing of tissues of different muscles. So, taking care of diet is the most important thing to avoid having strain in dancing.

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    Before start dancing, you should perform some warm up exercises in order to prepare your muscles for dancing. Warm up exercises are required for all sports because they prepare the muscles to perform a greater task with ease.

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    Warm up exercises will also help in the free movement of your joints and you will not feel any stress or strain in any part of your body while dancing.

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    Dancing also involves a lot of stretching and you should also do some stretching exercises in order to prepare all muscles of your body for dancing. Stretching exercises usually include legs, abdomen, arms and neck and all these parts are used frequently in dance.

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    You should always take minerals in the form of water or juice after every performance of dance which will keep your body energetic and you will not feel dehydration which is the most common reason of muscle strain and cramps.

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    After the dance, you should perform relaxing exercises in order to cool down all muscles of your body. It will make you feel relaxed and these exercises also play a vital role in reducing fatigue or tiredness after dance practice.

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