How to Protect Your Eyes When on the Computer

There are numerous ways to protect your eyes while on the computer. I have listed a few of them below:


Are you aware the symptoms of eyestrain on the computer? Sometimes when you are on the computer for long periods of time, or extensive reading on the computer can result in eyestrain. Some of the symptoms of eyestrain may include dry eyes, headaches, shoulder pain, or difficulty focusing.

Eye Exams

When was the last time that you had an eye exam? Eye exams should be performed before age 5, One exam in your 20’s, 2 exams in your 30’s, after age 40 every 2- 4years, after age 65 every two years. Naturally if you have had eye problems you will have eye exams more frequently. I recall some workplaces would only pay for eye exams every two years, then they changed and agreed to every year.


Do you remember your mother telling you that carrots are good for the eyes? The retina needs vitamin A and carrots are rich with this vitamin. In addition, greens such as collards, kale or mustard are rich in lutein which can reverse symptoms of macular degeneration. I personally love mustard greens and I do cook them often.

Anti-glare Computer Screen protector

An Anti-glare Computer Screen protector reduces the glare that you will receive on a computer. It also, can reduce the effects of eyestrain especially if you are on your computer a lot. The screen attaches easily to your computer screen. They come in a variety of sizes and the price ranges for as low as $90.00 up to as high as $250.00 or more. They are available for PC desktops or laptops.

Have yew ever considered that screen savers are great for the computer in order that the image does not burn to the screen? But on the other hand, if we are constantly on the computer could that same computer screen burn the retina’s of our eyes?

Computer Lenses

Have you considered how many hours a day that you spend on the computer? According to New York Times 31% of those over 18 years of age, say they spend at least 5 hours a day average on the computer. That figure may vary to much more for many. Some doctors may prescribe bifocals or trifocals. Those that do not like the line on their lenses may prefer progressive lenses. I have tried both and prefer the progressive lenses. The line on the lenses are too difficult for me to focus with. Ultimately you will find and choose the various ways that will help protect you best on the computer.

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