How to Prevent Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is not preventable. However, a number of precautionary measures can be taken to reduce the risk and also the impact of the problem. Spinal stenosis is caused by narrowing of spinal cord at one place. The stenosis occurs in the lower back or neck area, and sometimes the pain is very severe. One and the most effective way to reduce the risk of the problem is strengthening of back muscles through exercises or keeping it at right postures. Exposure of twisting, bending and narrowing of the spinal cord can cause serious damage to the cord.


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    Exercise is the most recommended way to avoid spinal stenosis and other problems. Walking, running, yoga, swimming and other similar exercises help strengthening back muscles. This helps in motion of the spinal cord and increases its flexibility and endurance. It also reduces risk of the stenosis or even any serious injury. If you do not have a back problem, you should do exercise for about 30 minutes daily. If you have a back problem, discuss with your doctor before committing yourself to an exercise regimen. Also, take care in bending your back, as a jerk or quick motion can cause a serious injury to the spinal cord.

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    Know Your Body

    You can better know the level of flexibility and endurance in your body. For example, you might feel stiff or hardening of your back muscles and if you do a workout with heavy weights, it is going to cause some risks of injuries to your body. Some exercises require more flexibility than others, and if you launch yourself into them without warming up  you can hurt your spinal cord.

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    Body Weight

    Your legs and waist are the most affected areas of your increased body weight, and if you do not exercise at all, it can be bad news. A higher body weight can put too much pressure on your spinal cord, and it can narrow down at certain points and cause risk of an injury. Therefore, you should maintain a proper body weight. Consult your physician that how much you weight you should maintain according to your height. If you have a back problem, work out more and reduce weight.

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