How to Promote a Blog with Social Media

Over the previous years, with the advancement of information technology, social media has emerged as an extremely important medium of communication. Online social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of followers all across the globe, with people looking to interact with their friends and family online, instead of taking time out of their hectic schedules to meet them in person.

Social media allows you to express yourself through different means as you can share statuses on Facebook or Twitter. However, if you have good writing skills and you are an informative person, you can write blogs to express your opinion. Apart from satisfying your internal self by writing a blog, you can earn through it if you are able to get a handsome amount of hits on your page. In order to get more and more people visiting your blog, you have to promote it through different means.


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    Make profiles on social media sites

    In order to promote your blogs on social media, it is a prerequisite that you have valid profiles on different online social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. A huge number of people just make their profiles but do not use them regularly. Stay connected with your friends through social media and use your profile actively. Keep sharing interesting stuff with your friends and followers.

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    Your blog should be well-written and interesting

    Promoting your product is very crucial but you will never be able to sell it if the quality is not good. Your writing should be good, compact and clear. It should express more in the least number of words.

    In order to get maximum hits on your page, it is important that you share interesting information in the blog, which is worth reading for people.

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    Share the blog on your profiles

    Once you have written the blog, you should immediately post it on your Facebook wall and tweet. You should urge your family members and friends to share the blog with their friends as well as it will create a network of marketing, enhancing your chances of getting more hits.

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    An enticing headline &  picture

    In order to attract more and more people to read your blog, you should attach an enticing picture with the blog. On top of that, the headline is one of the most important things to catch the attention of the reader. You must have the ability to make striking headlines, which tempt a person to read the whole blog and share with others.

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