How to Promote Healthy Eating Habits In Schools

Promoting healthy eating habits among children at a very early age is extremely crucial because once they develop bad habits; it can become increasingly difficult to change them when they grow up. School meals play a huge role in a child’s nutrition as they account for most of what he/she eats in a week. In developed countries, governments ensure high standards of nutrition in most of the educational institutes. However, this is not the case in some of the developing countries, where children suffer a lot and develop unhealthy eating habits as a result.


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    Encourage healthy eating habits at home

    It is a prime responsibility of the parents to make sure that their children adopt good eating habits. If you eat healthy and are conscious about your health, chances are high that your children will learn to have nutritious food only. Some of the parents are very careless when it comes to personal hygiene and prefer to have a lot of junk food. Consequently, their kids also develop unhealthy eating habits. Even if both the parents are working, they should ensure that the children have home-cooked meals most of the time.

    If the children are used to healthy eating habits, they will naturally prefer eating healthy in schools.

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    Discuss eating habits with children

    Whenever you have enough time, you should talk to your children about their daily routine. Talk about food and educate them about positive eating habits. Having conversations is going to help you a great deal in knowing the eating habits of your kids because you cannot keep an eye on what they are eating all the time.

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    Go through the school food menu

    After every couple of months, you should visit the school cafeteria to see what is in the school food menu. You should also inspect the kitchen and see if it is neat, clean and proper hygienic measures have been taken. If the kitchen management is being careless, you should never be shy in filing a complaint against them.

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    Stay in touch with the government

    Be a responsible citizen and regularly stay in touch with your local government. Suggest measures for improved eating habits in schools and point out the flaws. You can even volunteer your services to the health department to ameliorate the overall standard of eating habits in educational institutes.

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