Depression Heavy in College Students

College is a form of institution designed to improve people both financially and socially in the long run. However, this path to success is actually quite stressful and can be harmful to students. Many students are often away from home for an extended time and are dealing with many experiences that they’ve never dealt with before. In fact, approximately one out of every seven college students suffer from depression.

The unfortunate fact is that many students who suffer from depression are not even aware of the problem. Many college students suffering from depression may feel lost or awkward. Without any kind of help, they often do worse in school and may even attempt suicide. That means that the key to preventing depression lies in awareness of depression. If students are unaware that they are depressed, they are unable to get the aid that they need to overcome it. However, not only should the students be aware, as teachers, faculty, and parents should also take part in spreading depression awareness.

Some researchers believe that the best way to spread the awareness is by defining what depression truly is. Researchers are attempting to spread the word “depression” as a kind of illness that one can not just adapt to eventually over time. Some researchers even say that those who believe they can adapt to depression end up suffering more than those who don’t believe it can be adjusted to. Those depressed but believe they can adapt to it often end up being unemployed, suffering from chronic illness, and sometimes may even contemplate suicide. If we really want to prevent depression, than the difference between it and stress that simply disappears over time needs to be compared and addressed.

Depression is considered an illness because it is not just an environmental disorder that only comes out of stressful or emotional experiences in life. Researchers have found out that depression is also a physical disorder, as it deals with a person’s genes and brain chemistry as well. Genetic researchers have found out that during puberty, one’s brain chemistry can be altered due to changes in hormones. They also found out that those who suffer from depression tend to have less stable brain chemistry than those who do not suffer from it.

It makes sense that students in college are prone to depression as well. They often have to deal with financial issues, have to meet new friends, are separated from their family for the first time, and have to study hard. Many students are also more exposed to drugs and alcohol and often change their sleeping habits as well. All these factors add up to create a highly stressful environment for college students.

Depressed college students often end up withdrawing from the rest of society and tend to suffer from mood problems as well. Many students are unable to concentrate and their appetites often change. The symptoms are actually quite similar to adults who suffer from depression.

Fortunately, some treatments have been created due to the increased awareness of depression. Psychotherapy, a kind of group counseling, is a common form of treating depression, in which a victim can talk to a specialist in the field (usually for the first time). Many medications are also offered to students who are looking to prevent the illness.

Since depression gets worse over time, the best way to prevent it is to fight it early. Students who believe another person might be suffering or think they might be suffering from it should also seek help fast, as they can finally be on the path to success in life once again.

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