How to Protect Sunflowers from Squirrels

The strong sunflower is known all over the world for its beauty. From different varieties that range from 2 feet to over 20 feet tall. The sunflower is named after its shape and image that tends to represent the sun. Another reason for this name is that when the sun rises in the east, the sunflower tends to turn its head following the position of the sun. The sunflower is also famous for its edible sunflower seeds and the healthy sunflower oil that is produced from it. A common problem for the people who grow and harvest sunflowers is the prevention of disease, birds and especially squirrels. We are tackling one of them here. Below are a few ways to protect your sunflowers from squirrels.


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    The sunflowers should be planted in an area where it’s hard for a squirrel to reach. Once the sunflowers bloom, as in the leaves go yellow and the core, where the seeds are, turn dark brown, the squirrels try to reach it through the help of trees and fences. So the sunflowers should be planted in an area where they are hard to reach.

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    The sunflowers can also be surrounded with barbwire or chicken wire. It may be somewhat harmful and cruel for the animals, but to protect your sunflowers, this is a useful technique.

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    You can also cover your sunflowers with brown paper bags, nylon mesh and plastic bird netting. This lets the sunflowers enough space to breathe and bloom whilst protecting them from birds and squirrels and the damaging effects they leave.

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    Owning pets, like a cat or dog can also be very useful. As the smell of such animals tends to keep squirrels away, saving your sunflower seeds.

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    Another common method is spraying your sunflower seeds with hot seed spray that is readily available at any gardening store or nursery shops. An unusual method that has achieved success is the sprinkling of spices like red pepper and cinnamon around the plant that we are trying to protect. It was used to keep cats away but it works on Squirrels too!

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