How to Protect your System From a Computer Virus

A computer virus is a malicious programme that invades your PC and performs tasks without your command which can damage your system. There are many kinds of viruses which mainly include keyloggers, Trojans and spybots. If you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your system from computer viruses, it may cause a great loss to your data and other stuff.


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    First of all, you need to have a good antivirus in your PC. You can download it from the internet. It is better to download and install the antivirus which has registration. However, you can also use a trial version or free antivirus software. The most commonly used antivirus software are Norton, McAfee, Avira, AVG, Kaspersky and ESET. Installing an antivirus is not enough and you have to update it so that it may get the latest coding to fight against the potential threats. In addition, you should keep its settings on auto protection so that it may detect and delete the viruses itself

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    You should keep your Windows updated so as to have the latest security codes in your PC. It will be good for you to use a registered Windows.

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    You must surf the internet carefully and should use protected network. There are many websites which are harmful for your PC. Therefore, only visit the reliable websites.

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    Emails often include many malicious items which can harm your PC. Therefore, you must only open those emails which are from your known contacts. Additionally, there is a folder with the name ‘Spam’ in your mail which mostly contains untrustworthy files and links. So, you should never open those links until or unless you are sure about them.

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    If you use messengers for chatting on the internet and visit various rooms, you must not open any links from an unknown contact as it may contain some viruses.

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