How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams

Phishing is a form of fraud designed to steal your personal information. The principle of this scam is to use fraudulent ways to encourage you in to disclosing sensitive and personal information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, accounts or Social Security numbers.

Phishing is one of the popular ways of cheating on the internet. It is a type of online fraud, which aims to get the identity of different users. The user is usually directed to the page that seems very similar to the original one, containing input fields, login, password or other data. If you want to protect yourself from phishing scams then follow some easy methods.


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    Set up a high security password for your inbox. A password should consist of more than 8 characters including alphabetic and numeric digits in upper and lower case. Change your password at least once in three months. A hacker can break into your email account after answering your secret question. So, it is recommended to set up a question only you can answer.

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    If you are viewing email through the web interface, disable the HTML option and try to read them in plain text form. Be sure to sync your mailbox with your mobile phone because you can always restore the inbox through your phone in case of any problem.

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    Try to use firewall and anti-virus software when you are viewing messages in your email account. Do not download or install files sent to you by email, as they may be infected. You need to install a quality antivirus program that supports the verification of the internet channel and cleans incoming traffic on your computer.

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    You can distinguish a phishing site by checking its URL (Universal Resource Locator) in the address bar as it will be different from the address of the website you want to access. Look at the design of the site itself. If something looks "crooked" or any design elements do not fit into the overall style of the page, perhaps this is a viral ad or banner. Therefore, always pay special attention to the site address in your preferred web browser.

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