How to Put Together a Marketing Campaign

When you are into the sales business, you constantly worry about how to market your products or services in a market that is getting more and more competitive by the day. You will fail to get your business off the ground if your marketing campaign is without any direction, but things can be fixed if you follow some basic guidelines.

Although marketing plan varies business to business, most of the basic fundamentals can be applied to any form of business. Things like assessing the product strength and selecting your target audience are among the basic steps of getting any product or service off the ground.


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    Assess your product/service

    The first and foremost thing you should do before thinking about marketing your product/service is assessing the strength of that product or service. You should knowwhether the product you are selling is marketable or not.

    Ask yourself this basic question before making a marketing plan: Is my product able to market?

    For instance you cannot market Betamax recorder no matter how good your marketing campaign is. Sure, there will be people who still may want to buy it, but beating the competition in a highly competitive market—where people use tablet PCs—will be beyond you.

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    Choose your target audience

    After you have assessed that your product is marketable, you will have to select your target audience.

    You must ask yourself: who will buy my product?

    Asking this question yourself will help you decide which age group, country, gender or niche will suit you. For instance, if you are into selling diapers, you need a marketing strategy that can attract adults. Since children do not know where and how to buy diapers, the focus of your marketing will be their parents/adults.

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    Do market research

    Researching your target market is a crucial step in putting together a viable marketing campaign. After you have assessed that your product is good enough to market without any flaws, you need to research your target market in terms of competition, political and legal environment, prices and what medium to use to market the product/service. These factors are very important and ignoring them will lead to failure of your marketing plan, no matter how much money you invest into advertisement.

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    Strong advertisement

    Advertisement is the backbone of any marketing plan. You have a variety of advertisement means at your disposal.  After you have chosen your target audience, the question that should concern you the most is: how do I advertise my product and how much money to put in the campaign? If you have plenty of money to invest in, you can hire an advertising company to do all the work for. However, if you have limited cash, you can use the Internet or newspaper adds to initiate your advertisement campaign.

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