How to Quarter a Deer in the Field

If you enjoy deer hunting then knowing how to quarter a deer in the field is essential. Learning to pack the meat in the field is important because dragging your deer all the way back could cause the hide to rip and spoil the meat. By quartering the deer in the field, you can carry useable meat back with you, leaving unwanted parts for scavengers. If you want to learn how to quarter a deer in the field make sure to have a friend with you and follow some easy techniques.

Things Required:

– Sharp Hunting Knife
– Rope


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    In the first step you need to hang the deer by tying the back legs with a rope and then throw the free end over a tree which needs to be at least 15 feet above the ground. Now pull the rope with the help of a friend to lift the deer off the ground. Make sure that the animal is no longer touching the surface. Now secure the position of the deer by tying the free end of the rope to another tree.

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    You now need to cut the deer by inserting a knife into the belly of the animal. Make an incision just where the rib cage ends. Do not insert the knife too far or you might puncture the organs inside the stomach. Starting from the hide you need to slice up to the anus. Now holding the anus you need to cut the skin and then insert your hands in through an open cavity in order to pull the intestines. Any organs still clinging need to be cut as well.

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    Now skin the deer right from the top and then work your way down. However, the cut should be made from the hide and on to the back of the legs. You now have to open the incision which was made when you gutted the deer. Grab a corner of the skin on the leg and cut the membrane holding the skin with the meat. Now pull the skin down as you slice and remember to keep the side with hair away from the meat. You need to continue doing this until you have the hide hanging down the neck of the deer. You should now cut off the head of the deer.

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    Cut both legs of the deer in order to slice the meat. You need to saw the feet off and throw them away. You will have to cut the meat from the loins and the ribs. Now in order to cut the back legs, you would need to cut through the spine. Pack your meat and make your way back to your truck to store it.

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