How to Drive a Team of Horses

Over the years, driving a team of horses has nearly become a lost art. However, you can use some simple techniques to revive it and have fun in a unique way. Although you will be pretty tired after driving a team of horses, but the pleasure and fun is simply unparalleled.

Things Required:

– Brush and comb
– Cold water
– Clean, oiled harness
– Wagon, buggy or implement
– Long buggy whip


  • 1

    To avoid the risk of chafing where the harness will rub, use a brush and comb to properly clean the horses and then wash them with cold water. Be sure to keep the harness properly clean for the same reason.

  • 2

    Properly harness the team of horses. Since all the horses in the team are standing with straight traces, distance between each horse’s rear and the breeching should be about a foot.

  • 3

    Take a hold of the harness lines attached to the outside of each horse’s bit, feed them through the harness rings and climb into the wagon. It is entirely up to you if you want to stand or sit in the wagon.

  • 4

    Keeping your elbows about three inches in front of your body, take a hold of one line in each hand. This will make it easier for you to pull at the lines if required. Be sure to keep the lines as taught as possible to ensure that the horses move along a straight line.

  • 5

    When the horses respond to your cues, practice some give and take on the reins numerous times to make sure you keep light contact on all of the horse's mouths. Allow enough slack to each of the horses in the team so that they can keep their heads at a comfortable level and thus breathe easily.

  • 6

    To pull a horse in a certain direction, pull some slack on the rein. Simultaneously tickle the horse on its side to make the horse feel as if a rider is on it.

  • 7

    Voice cues ‘Jee’ and ‘Haw’ should be used for right and left turn respectively.

  • 8

    To bring the horses to a halt, evenly pull back both lines while saying the word ‘Whoa’.

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